Portal is a giant acrylic sculpture that ripples with light. Standing 10 feet tall, this sculpture is visible from both sides yet completely see through. The 4 layers and 4 shapes all interact with patterned light to make a united form. Portal was made by me and Chris Pitzer in 2018.

We bring this installation to festivals and events.

Rainbow River

Transforming natural spaces with light can evoke an eerie realness, because the nature is real and we are looking at it in a new way. The Rainbow River illuminates rivers from below with rainbow light that flows like the water. Rainbows feel safe, and seeing all the way into a body of water is reassuring.

People gather around the Rainbow River like a campfire. We balance on logs, gazing deeply into the water’s surface, unable to pass like the water was a flame.

Using nature as art brings so much beauty and surprises, like tiny fish and 2 foot salmon swimming through the rainbows.

Who Is Chance

I’m an artist making magical spaces and mesmerizing sculptures that breath, fly, swim, and constantly change. Flowing colorful light moves through the art and environments, always fresh and new. Moving light is what brings my art to life.

Transforming spaces with light and art influence people to explore and discover what makes that space special. They take time, they participate in the moment, and they encourage others to do the same. I want to make more magical spaces for us to explore.

My art is installed at festivals and used to decorate parties. Would you like my art at your event? Let me know!

Purchase Existing Or Custom Art

See something I made you want to buy? You can also hire me to design a poster, album cover, or whatever.

Looking For Events And Collaborators

I’m on the look out for events to attend with my art and other artists to collaborate on projects.

Live Art Performances

Hire me to perform as a live artist. I design from a laptop and my screen is projected for the crowd to see. I can design in 2d and 3d. My live art is a mix of physical and digital art.

The process of making art live is energetic and playful. Part of the magic of live art is that it transforms throughout the event.

Contact Me To:

Attend An Event

Purchase Art

Collaborate On A Project

Participate In Art Show

Discuss An Idea Or Funding

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